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What is the 2024 Smart Thermostat that Beris Tech Will Launch?

2024 has arrived, and we are excited to announce the launch of the LCD touchscreen thermostat with knob control!

As a leader in the field of room thermostat manufacturing, Xiamen Beris Tech Co Ltd has accumulated rich technical strength and unique design concepts supported by more than ten years of experience. In past research and development, we have been committed to providing users with smarter, more convenient and more fashionable room thermostats.

The BT07-WF-FCU series is a room thermostat launched this year that meets the needs of centralized cooling and heating of central air-conditioning FCU systems. We shot the following video to give you a quick overview.

new thermostat

 So what are the features of this stylish smart thermostat?

 1. Knob control, new temperature control experience

This new thermostat has a unique and innovative knob control design, providing you with a new temperature control experience. Easily adjust the temperature with the knob, allowing you to control the indoor environment more intuitively and conveniently. This innovative design not only increases the fun of use, but also creates a more personalized temperature control experience for users.

 2024 thermostat

2. Stylish appearance, perfectly integrated into your space

We understand that the thermostat is not just a practical tool, but an integral part of the indoor space. So we gave this thermostat a stylish design that makes it more than just a device, but a work of art. With its stylish appearance and exquisite craftsmanship, this thermostat can be perfectly integrated into your home or office space, adding a touch of brightness to your life and work.

 3. Multi-protocol connection to meet different needs

Beris Tech has always adhered to a "smart life, all under control". Therefore, our new products not only support WIFI connection but are also compatible with Modbus protocol. Whether you prefer remote control through a mobile APP or more in-depth interaction with the central air conditioning FCU system, we provide you with various options to meet your different needs.

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As a leading thermostat manufacturer in China, we are looking for wholesalers, distributors, and importers worldwide to cooperate. We have more products to meet different market needs. At the same time, our professional services and friendly team will create long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with you. Welcome to contact us.

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